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David Crow, L.Ac., graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1984; he is a California state licensed acupuncturist and nationally certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He has been a clinician, consultant, researcher and educator for over 30 years, and is an expert in Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic and Western herbal medicine. 

Mr. Crow was one of the first Westerners to train and be licensed in Chinese medicine, and one of the few to study Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine in traditional internships in Nepal and India; he was also one of the first medical pioneers to use essential oils and aromatherapy in clinical practice, and to integrate these diverse modalities into comprehensive treatments.  

Mr. Crow has operated several clinics, including a practice in Kathmandu serving the Tibetan and Nepalese communities as well as international travelers, and practices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Monterey, and Ashland OR; he has been doing telemedicine consultations for ten years, and has treated and guided tens of thousands of people. He is a medical researcher and educator of state of the art herbal medicine, and an advocate of the safe uses of herbs and essential oils; he avoids the popular trends of market-driven internet medicine, and relies instead on documented research and traditional ethnobotanical wisdom and methods.

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In addition to his extensive studies of classical Asian medicine, Mr. Crow has gained valuable knowledge and experience in the field of plant medicine by working in numerous herbal cultivation projects, including being the cofounder of The Learning Garden at Venice High School in Los Angeles, one of the first and oldest school gardens in the country. Along with his work in support of herbal cultivation in several other projects, he has extensive experience as a lecturer and herbal educator and has been involved in various aspects of the herbal and aromatherapy industry for over 20 years, giving him unique access to the highest quality sources of products for his patients.  

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