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Crow’s events. 


This is where you can see a full collection of courses and presentations that are offered for both in person and online live events. If you are interested in hosting an event, scroll through the offerings, then contact David to discuss the details of event topic, date and cost.

If you would like an in person event, it will be scheduled along with other invitations to create regional tours; online events can be scheduled independent of travel.

David will support marketing and promotion of events through his extensive database; live streaming options with online ticket sales are also available.


These courses can be presented in various lengths, from one half day to five days. Sections of courses can be combined to create unique events and presentations.


These courses can be from two hours to a full day, and combined with other courses to create unique events and presentations.

Schedule An Event With David Crow

To schedule an event, please contact David directly for details.
[email protected]

To see David’s current event calendar, click here:

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