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Listening To The Heart

In every moment of life, the heart is beating. Its pulsation is the current that awakens our senses, body and mind; its rhythm flows beneath every state of consciousness through waking, sleeping and dreaming.

Within the heartbeat are great revelations and discoveries about the nature of our human life: our purpose and destiny, our impermanence and immortality, our interconnectedness to others, our place in a pulsating universe, our elemental and energetic essence, our ineffable true identity.

Many teachings are found in the world’s spiritual traditions about the heart and its subtle
mysteries, but the greatest mystery is this: why do we rarely listen directly to its voice?


What is Listening To The Heart?

Listening to the Heart is a simple meditation method that is a complete system of self-study and self-healing. The practices of Listening to the Heart meditation system are based on mindfulness, but also include elements of visualization, imagination, science, mysticism and medicine.

Listening to The Heart is a biologically based form of meditation that is not associated with any culture or religion.

Listening to The Heart reveals our inner spiritual identity that lies beneath identification with race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and gender. It is a path of exploring the inner and outer universes one heartbeat at a time.

What are the benefits of Listening to The Heart?

Listening to The Heart produces immediate relaxation responses that are easier for most people
to learn and accomplish than most other types of meditation.

Listening to The Heart heals grief and loss, and cures loneliness. It improves the relationship with oneself first, and then with others. It develops self-knowledge, and brings self-acceptance.

Listening to The Heart opens channels of creativity, and brings inspiration and insights.

Simple versions of Listening to The Heart have been researched in modern clinical applications, and found to have specific benefits of improving emotional intelligence, that are particularly helpful for learning how to identify and articulate emotions in healthy and productive ways.

Listening to The Heart reveals our deeper biological unity with the elements of nature and other beings, which creates higher levels of mental and emotional wellbeing. It is a method that directly enhances our inner knowing and intuition about who we are on many levels, including practical guidance in solving real-life problems.

Listening to The Heart reveals the deepest levels of our mind and consciousness, and allows us to
explore the great questions and mysteries of life, birth, death and rebirth in a direct biological


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