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Bundle: 2 Consultations with David Crow, L.Ac.

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What People Are Saying:

Thanks to the herbal program David Crow created for me, my cancer treatment experience was tolerable. I had fatigue, but could still function and I had very little nausea. After going through cancer treatment myself and watching friends and family die from cancer, I am convinced that chemotherapy and radiation kill patients just as much, if not more, than the actual cancer. I still think it is necessary to use modern cancer treatment, but it is imperative to keep the body strong before, during, and after cancer treatment with a natural medicine program. David is literally a life saver!


I was struggling with really confusing symptoms and conflicting doctor's diagnosis. With David, I was able to find the right herbs, supplements, and tinctures to recover


I contacted David as soon as I tested positive for a serious virus. He put me on a regimen of teas, herbs and supplements and I was able to avoid serious impacts to my health and any long term symptoms. With rest and David's regimen, I FULLY recovered!


I had a life-long condition and had only ever been able to manage my symptoms. David helped me work with my doctor and successfully treat my condition – for good. I have a full life now, thanks to David!


Due to a urine infection, and allergic to antibiotics, I quickly lost 10 pounds, and was weak and delirious. However, a consultation with David Crow enabled me to navigate the UK health service, and request the right tests for diagnosis. I was cured in 4 days. David also prescribed herbs, and is the first medical advisor to bear in mind the fact that I'd lost a kidney. After 2 months I saw a urology consultant as David recommended. At 75, he told me that my kidney was working better than those of most 40 year olds with two healthy kidneys. I'm so grateful for his skills.