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Sacred Smoke: The Magic and Medicine of Palo Santo (ebook)

A mysterious intelligence guides an Italian psychotherapist and an adventuring ethnobotanist into the forests of Ecuador where they meet a sacred but endangered tree used for healing.

The intoxicating aroma of Palo Santo smoke has been used for millennia by indigenous people in South America, but in recent decades the tree has faced extinction. Modern societies are turning their backs on the traditional healing systems of the past, but a deep intelligence guides the plant world - and the humans that interact with it.

Sacred Smoke follows the journey of David Crow - healer, adventurer, visionary entrepreneur - from his introduction to the captivating fragrance of Palo Santo in a ceremony in India, through a series of mysterious synchronistic encounters leading to his meeting with psychotherapist turned alchemist Dante Bolcato: El Maestro. David becomes both a student and documentarian of El Maestro's extensive knowledge, wisdom, and expertise in distillation that have created a global demand for Palo Santo essential oil and led to the first successful large scale reforestation effort.