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Plants That Heal: Essays On Botanical Medicine (ebook)

Discover the profound healing powers of plants in this collection of fifteen essays by David Crow, one of the world's foremost experts on botanical medicine and grassroots healthcare:

"The People’s Pharmacy" explores how to create grassroots healthcare systems by examining the root causes of illness, and describing the solution: community-supported plant-based healthcare.

"Farm to Pharmacy" describes how we each can develop a home herbal pharmacy by growing a handful of medicinal plants, the role of community apothecaries, and the model of Community Supported Medicine.

"Fukushima and Beyond" presents research on herbs for protection from radiation, including detoxification and chelating agents.

"Stimulants" examines the upsides and downsides of stimulant herbs, how to use stimulant herbs safely, and includes monographs of two popular stimulant herbs: yerba mate and guarana.

"Dental Health" explores natural approaches to tooth care by describing the major dental diseases, the toxicity of common dental products and materials, and traditional approaches to dental maintenance and care.

"Cosmic Chemistry" examines the effects of circadian rhythms and ecological factors on the production of medicinal plant compounds, including the classical Vedic and modern phytochemistry approaches.

"The Aromatic Journey of Prana" is an excellent contemplation for developing the type of macro-thinking that forms the basis of Ayurvedic philosophy.

"Fragrance and Consciousness" describes how the neurological process of olfaction relates to mood, immunity, and brain chemistry. Included are sections on using essential oils for olfactory dysfunctions, neurological degeneration, concentration and memory, stress and relaxation, and depression.

"The Anti-Microbial Effects of Essential Oils" gives the history and contemporary research on discovering the properties of essential oils and their modes of antimicrobial actions, including the specific antimicrobial compounds in essential oils, and clinical testing research.

"Helichrysum" is a detailed monograph of this unassuming flower with powerful medicinal actions. Includes the etymology, botany, chemistry, therapeutic actions, and research studies of Helichrysum italicum.

"Roses" reviews the history, cultivation, harvesting, and distillation of roses, as well as therapeutic uses of roses and rose essential oil.

"Frankincense and Myrrh" describes the botany, history, culture, and therapeutic uses of the world's two most important resins.

"Essential Oils and the Fifteen Subdoshas" describes the specific effects of essential oils on each of the five subdoshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha from Ayurvedic healing philosophy.

"Medicines For The Earth" examines the eco-physiology of plants, the role of plants in planetary evolution, and the myriad parallels between human and plant anatomy and physiology.

"Keynote Speech to the National Ayurvedic Medical Association", Crow shares many of the profound universal themes of Ayurveda that extend beyond healing illness.