Introduction to Clinical Level Selfcare for Digestive Issues 

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No matter what digestive issues you’re dealing with, the way it manifests — and the way to heal it — is unique to you. 


Learn how to think like a clinician to heal your digestive problems and prevent relapse — with or without allopathic medicine.  


During this daylong in-depth workshop you will learn:

  • Develop the selfcare diagnostic skills you need to address issues in your digestive system, and more

  • Understand what’s feasible and realistic with natural medicine — including when to use it as a primary treatment, a supportive treatment.. or not at all

  • Explore when to attack microbes, when to boost the immune system, and when to do both

  • Learn about the detox process as David reveals who should engage in detox practices, when they should do it, and how to detox safely

  • Discover why antibiotics or infections in the gut sometimes drag on for years, leading to additional problems

  • Confidently use internet resources, and find solutions to your individual needs when faced with many different recommendations

  • Move from disempowered and uninformed patient (through no fault of your own!) to bona fide selfcare clinician

You’ll discover the path to working with doctors and practitioners as your partners, and to become your own expert in healing your gut along with any related issues.


About David Crow


David Crow, L.Ac. is one of the world’s foremost experts and leading speakers in the field of botanical medicine and grassroots healthcare. He’s a master herbalist, aromatherapist, and acupuncturist with over 30 years experience, and is an expert in the Ayurvedic and Chinese medical systems.


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Recorded Live On Saturday, February 4th, 2023 | 10am to 5pm PST

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This course was recorded live in February of 2023. 

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What Teachers Are Saying About David Crow...


“... provides great insights...”
David Crow provides great insights into the healing practices of Tibetan medicine and Buddhism.
Dr. Vasant Lad, author, Ayurvedic physician & director of the Ayurvedic Institute


“... knowledge of botanical medicine is unsurpassed …”
David is well-traveled and weaves traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medical wisdom together with modern scientific research and his own clinical experience.  His knowledge of botanical medicine is unsurpassed and grounded in an appreciation and love of the natural world that he brings to all his courses and topics.
— Dr. Jill Stansbury, Naturopathic Physician, Associate Professor Botanical Medicine, Medical Director 


“... a clear and articulate teacher of deep herbal wisdom.”
David is a clear and articulate teacher of deep herbal wisdom. Steeped in the ancient arts, he also has his finger on the pulse of the most current research. Time spent with David is time well spent! 
— Dr. Marc Halpern, president of the California College of Ayurveda


“... his courses and classes are a treasure trove of information and knowledge.”
With a shared love of aromatherapy, herbal medicine and gardening, I regard him as one of the experts and teachers from whom I’ve learned the most, and from whom I continue to learn. David's writings are inspiring, his essential oils are divine and his courses and classes are a treasure trove of information and knowledge. 
— Chanchal Cabrera, RH (AHG), medicinal herbalist, horticulture therapist


“... the rare, remarkable ability to make clear the sometimes-arcane concepts of traditional healing systems.”
David Crow is an elite teacher of natural medicine who really knows what he’s talking about — and is able to express that deep knowledge in a way that his audience can sink their teeth into. He has the rare, remarkable ability to make clear the sometimes-arcane concepts of traditional healing systems, and he’s always up-to-date on modern developments in his field. 
— KP Khalsa, Ayurvedic Herbalist and Teacher


“...he shares practical ways to help you bring his teachings into your daily life.”
David Crow is a gifted teacher, practitioner and author, who has a deep understanding of how essential oils, herbs and Chinese medicine can enhance health and improve our lives. David’s educational programs are comprehensive, yet easily understood — and he shares practical ways to help you bring his teachings into your daily life.
— David Winston, RH(AHG), author of Adaptogens, Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief



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