The Flowers of Immortality

Exploring the Body’s Inner Landscape of Chakras, Deities and Cosmological Powers


 Free Live Webinar
with David Crow, L.Ac.


 Tuesday, July 23rd | 5pm to 7pm PDT


For centuries the chakras have been described as flowers that blossom under the influence of meditative and yogic practices. Rooted in the eternal cosmological intelligence that created the body and the timeless consciousness that lives within it, the chakras, therefore, are flowers of immortality.


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Join David Crow for a free two-hour presentation exploring the history, methods, and results of chakra meditations used for the last 1,000 years, and the relevance of these methods for contemporary spiritual seekers.

In this LIVE webinar you will learn:

  • Where did the chakra system originate, and why is this important?
  • What are the differences between the ancient practices and contemporary chakra systems, and why is this important?
  • What are realistic expectations for contemporary meditators who cannot practice as intensively as the hermit yogis of the past?
  • Plus, an exclusive bonus only for those who are registered for this event!

Throughout the presentation there will be short sessions of meditation practice to gain direct insight into the subjects being presented.

This illuminating live webinar is free, but registration is required.  All registrants will receive a recording after the live event.

You will be taken to a thank you page with the link to the live event. You should receive an email with the link as well. Contact [email protected] if you have any issues.