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Meet David

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Providing a unique synthesis of botanical medicine, ecology, and spirituality.

David Crow has been a clinician, consultant, researcher, and educator in the field of natural medicine for over
 40 years. A world-renowned speaker, author, and thought leader, David emphasizes reimagining healthcare and empowering individuals to become their own self-care experts.

As a teacher, David has taught extensively for more than twenty five years, throughout the US, Canada and in Europe. He has been a top faculty member at The Shift Network since 2015, where over 100,000 students have taken his online courses. He pioneered and hosted The Shift Network’s most popular annual Plant Medicine Summit, which has been attended by over 500,000 people from more than 120 countries.

David was one of the first Westerners to train and be licensed in Chinese medicine, and one of the few to study Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine in traditional internships in Nepal and India; he was also one of the first medical pioneers to use essential oils and aromatherapy in clinical practice, and to integrate these diverse modalities into comprehensive treatments.

David has traveled extensively for ethnobotanical research and to study traditional medical systems, including Central and South America, Europe, North Africa, Taiwan, Burma, Nepal, and India. He has worked with many communities around the world to establish a network of projects supporting sustainable cultivation and production of botanical medicines and artisanal essential oils. 

David has studied extensively with numerous spiritual teachers and meditation masters in Asia; he integrates these teachings into his medical practice and presentations on natural medicine and ecological spirituality.