Clinical-Level Self-Care: Introducing and a Free Mini Class

Dec 22, 2022

Welcome to our first educational video!

Many of us have struggled to understand our options when it comes to our own health care, and we may have tried every naturopathic and herbal method and well as conventional allopathic approaches.

David Crow has been working for several years creating a revolutionary system to support you on your journey to health. It empowers us us to take back control of our health, understand our bodies and symptoms,  and navigate the often confusing information on the internet. It is the foundation of David's popular medical consultations, and an important part of his impressive educational portfolio.  He calls this system "Clinical-Level Self-Care."

In this mini-class, David will give helpful tips on how you can begin to navigate your own health care journey through the lens of his revolutionary system.  He will also briefly show you his new dynamic web site,  This is an exciting home base where you can sign up to be personally guided by David Crow in a one on one consultation, learn about upcoming events, classes and webinars,  find weekly educational offerings in the form of videos and David's profound writing.

We hope this video will be a helpful first step in understanding how to provide yourself with your own, clinical-level self-care.

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