A Message From David

Jul 05, 2023

Dear friends…

Many thanks to all of you who have been joining our free events, courses, and meeting with me
for consultations. This is a quick update on the many developments happening at CrowConsultations.com.

The one day course on digestive health has now been attended by over 150 people, and the one
day course on natural detoxification by over 170.  Those are still available for purchase here.

Our next course will be Listening to The Heart. This is a complete system of meditation that I
have been teaching for many years, and I have been told by many people that it is one of the most
profound methods with the most benefits that they have learned. We will be starting with a free
event on July 20th at 5pm PT, and then will go into five classes of two hours each on Saturday
mornings. I know that this training will benefit many of you who have been consulting with me
about issues such as stress and anxiety, but it goes far deeper than just improving those
conditions.  Stay tuned for an announcement on how to join the free event in the next few days.

After that we are planning to offer three more courses of various lengths before the end of the
year, focused on herbal training, clinical level selfcare and specific health concerns.

We have added new options on the consultation page, which you can see here:

This allows you to purchase a standard consultation, a discounted package of two consultations,
or to go directly to the scheduling calendar. The two package option is helpful for those who may
need regular follow up sessions if you are working on more long term health issues. Many thanks
to all of you who have been consulting with me, it is a pleasure and honor to meet you and to be
able to contribute information and support for your healing journey.


A new development coming soon is the addition of our affiliate referral program. With this
simple system, you will receive a commission payment whenever people you refer to the site
purchase either consultations or courses. We will let you know when this is ready, but if you are
interested you can contact me and you can be among the first to take advantage of this.

The transition of the Floracopeia essential oils to their new home at Anima Mundi is complete.
You can use this link to get our oils under their label, if you have not done so, and again many
thanks for your support during this transition.

If you are a practitioner or have a business and a resale license, we have some remaining oils in
bulk quantities that we are selling at cost. This is a good opportunity to stock up on the last of the
Floracopeia aromatic treasures in cases where you make your own massage blends or use
diffusers in your spa or clinic. If you are interested you can contact me directly here and I will
send you the list.

There are three things to keep an eye out for at The Shift Network. Watch for the Illuminated
Herbalism Plant Medicine Summit coming in August that I will be hosting, with a spectacular
lineup of speakers including luminaries such as Rosemary Gladstar. After that, on September 9 th Shift will be launching a new 7 week course I will be teaching titled “Flower Medicines”, all
about using flowers in all forms for healing. Toward the end of the year Shift will be launching
an upgraded version of the Illuminated Herbalism One Year Certification Program. Last year’s
program was attended by 150 people, and was very well received and highly appreciated.


Finally, I will mention a new development in the works coming soon here, which is a regular live
community forum meeting to discuss specific medical conditions and their treatments. This will
allow people to learn more about using clinical level selfcare, without needing to schedule personal

Thank you again! Hope to see you in future events…



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