Coming Soon: Herbs That Really Work

Apr 28, 2023

Sometimes herbal medicine works slowly and almost imperceptibly, gradually detoxifying or nourishing the body back to health. Other times, however, one herbal formula can have amazing results, rapidly reducing acute or chronic symptoms, even after trying many other herbs, products and treatments. When this happens it is very gratifying, and an affirmation of the healing powers of plants.

In the last few years we have entered a new age of health challenges, with many new illnesses emerging: new inflammatory conditions, new mixtures of pharmaceuticals, new strains of microbial infections, new stress related symptoms, new and mysterious presentations following Covid vaccines or infections, and others.

For both allopathic and natural medicine, we are in uncharted territory, which makes it even more satisfying when the right combination of simple herbs is found that successfully treats one of these complex conditions.

As part of the ongoing herbal education I am offering on this site and in my Clinical Level Selfcare consultations, I will be posting regularly on this blog some of the new herbal combinations that I am finding effective for conditions that many people are reporting.

I will include the patterns of symptoms, some discussion about the symptoms from the standpoint of classical Asian medicine as well as the allopathic interpretation, the rationale for using the herbs, and the results we are seeing.

I invite you to follow these posts to learn about some remedies that might be beneficial for your individual health concerns. In the near future this site will offer a forum feature, where you will also be able to share your experiences with herbal medicine, so that others with similar concerns might also benefit.

To your health,

David Crow


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