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Feb 21, 2022

Classic Asian medical traditions have taught us that the greatest goals you can achieve in a lifetime are…

  1. Taking care of your health so you live in a constant state of rejuvenation and enjoy a long and vital life, and
  2. Pursuing a lifelong contemplative journey toward spiritual illumination...

Does that resonate with you? 

With all the external uncertainty and distress in the world right now, Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Western herbal medicine traditions offer an especially valuable wealth of knowledge about plant medicines. It helps us nourish and protect our health and cultivate our own vitality and life force — so we can achieve our higher purpose in life…

We’ve also seen how these classic modalities can help us to reach our spiritual goals with bodily freedom, mental clarity, and minimal obstacles created by health challenges.

It’s why we’re so excited to share an extraordinary opportunity to participate in a year-long intensive plant medicine certification program with our Floracopeia founder, pioneering herbalist David Crow.

Illuminated Herbalism Certification Program: 
A Year-Long Certification in Plant Medicine & Spiritual Methodology for Rejuvenation, Longevity & Awakening

Who is this course for?

David has designed an integrated and powerful curriculum that weaves together botanical medicines from Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Western herbal medicine traditions… with the cosmological wisdom and contemplative practices of the spiritual lineages that produced them.

Why make this investment now?


During this certification course, you’ll:

  • Use the powers of plant medicine in conjunction with body-based contemplations to suspend the illusion of biological boundaries — and perceive your deeper unity with the elements of nature that are flowing through you with each breath and heartbeat
  • Learn how to easily assemble a highly effective home apothecary that uses the outer alchemy of plant preparations to support and heal you throughout your life
  • Explore the inner alchemy of contemplative focus to directly experience yourself as part of the greater natural and cosmological oneness
  • Discover how to select, create, and use plant medicines for optimal self-care
  • Explore the preventive and curative powers of modern and ancient herbal formulas to strengthen, revitalize, and reclaim your health — biological system by biological system — in a holistic and sustainable way
  • And so much more…

This is a groundbreaking program, unlike any other herbal medicine certification offered anywhere else. You’ll work with plant medicines and meditation together to improve your health and well-being, increase your self-knowledge, and cultivate inner peace.

By the end of this robust year-long journey, you’ll receive the Illuminated Herbalism Certification, which signifies you as a practitioner of David’s unique approach to botanical medicine…

Discover all the details — and register to join David beginning Thursday, February 17.

What can I do with this training?

Here’s what David Crow has planned for his yearlong 
Illuminated Herbalism Certification Program:

  • Unit 1: Beginning the Journey of Rejuvenation — Understanding the Goal of Illumination

  • Unit 2: The Illuminated Herbal Pharmacy — Botanical Intelligence & the Energies, Elements & Compounds of Plant Medicines

  • Unit 3: Aromatherapy, Sacred Scents & Deepening the Exploration of the Self

  • Unit 4: Illuminated Herbalism & the Inner & Outer Dimensions of the Respiratory System

  • Unit 5: Illuminated Herbalism & the Inner & Outer Dimensions of the Cardiovascular System

  • Unit 6: Illuminated Herbalism & the Inner & Outer Dimensions of the Nervous System

  • Unit 7: Illuminated Herbalism & the Inner & Outer Dimensions of the Digestive System

  • Unit 8: The Medical & Spiritual Dimensions of Detoxification

  • Unit 9: Rejuvenation & Detoxification for Musculoskeletal Pain, Inflammation & Degeneration

  • Unit 10: Illuminated Herbalism & the Medical & Spiritual Dimensions of Rejuvenation

  • Unit 11: Sexual Rejuvenation, Longevity & the River of Life

What makes this course different?

Join David’s yearlong Illuminated Herbalism Certification Program and immerse yourself in the practical knowledge of the Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Western botanical medicine traditions — and experience contemplative practices for rejuvenation, a long life, and spiritual illumination.

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