Mar 30, 2023
plants with sunshine

By David Crow, L.Ac.

The plants were the first to emerge. By eating sunlight, they breathed the atmosphere into existence. By inhaling the new planet’s toxic gasses and binding them into the soil, they created a habitable world. By exhaling ozone, they protect beings from the sun’s harmful rays. By transforming sunlight into carbohydrates, they became the foundation of the food chain.

For eons, the plants prepared the world for higher life. When it was ready, they flowered. From this flowering came the explosion of living diversity that led to the human form.

We are the children of flowers.

For eons, the plants have moderated, regenerated, and detoxified the planetary biosphere. Their bodies and physiological processes stabilize the weather patterns. They hold the soil and support its microbial communities. They eat poisons, purify the water, replenish the aquifers, and renew the atmospheric oxygen.

The plants created the habitable sphere of the terrestrial world. They had preserved and maintained their equilibrium and integrity long before humans walked. They have fed and evolved the human body and its unique brain. They have provided nourishment and shelter for countless beings.

The plants are the ancestors who came first into the world. They migrated across the land, working their life-giving alchemy. We follow in their tracks, feeding on their breath and their bodies. In turn, we care for them. This is the proper relationship between humans and photosynthetic beings. To reverse that Way, to no longer care for our biological elders, to damage those that sustain our lives, is to ensure our demise.

All they desire is a home where they may flourish.

Only the plants can restore order to the body of the earth. Only the plants can reverse the progression of biospheric symptoms. Only the plants can prevent the further unraveling of the fragile web.

Only the plants can breathe new oxygen into the depleted atmosphere. Only the plants can reduce the rising levels of toxic atmospheric gasses. Only the plants can filter the deadly solar rays. Only the plants can digest the flood of human wastes and poisons of inhumane sciences. Only the plants can rebuild the dying soil. Only the plants can make the water sweet again. Only the plants can provide homes and food for the earth’s sensitive creatures. Only the plants can tame the increasingly turbulent weather. Only the plants can bring rain to the parched land and hold back the floods. Only the plants can cool the global fever.

Look: they are extending their green hands, offering to guide us away from the precipice.

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